As a trusted independent company that is not incentivized by the publisher-to-network-to-advertiser transaction, PubChecker works with ad networks, ad exchanges and advertisers to verify the business integrity of website operators. We employ tried and tested offline and online methods for vetting online publishers.

Our Mission

We help our clients build trusted publisher networks. Bringing transparency to the digital advertising supply chain, PubChecker lessens the risks of ad misplacement and fraud, while leveling the playing field for legitimate mid and long-tail publishers.

When you bundle bots, clicks fraud, viewability and the lack of transparency, the total digital-media value equation is being questioned and totally challenged.”
— Bob Liodice, CEO, Association of National Advertisers

How We Do It

20 years of experience combined with proven ad industry verification techniques, we sniff out sham website operators and fraudsters before they take hold of your digital advertising inventory:

  • We verify a publisher's place of business operations.
  • We 'follow the money' by checking publisher banking records.
  • We conduct credit history continuity checks.
  • We call references and ask probing questions.
  • We do owner and operator background checks.
  • We employ technology to check publisher ad inventory.
  • We cross-reference data collected from past checks and compare it to current applications.

Note that we purposefully do not share the specifics of our business verification practices and procedures, so they are not learned by bad actors attempting to thwart our process. We’ll be happy to share more details about our process under NDA with qualified prospective clients.

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