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Chris Mejia, Founder

A technologist and strategic consultant to the digital advertising industry, Chris Mejia applies 20 years of knowledge and hands-on experience to solving the industry's most challenging problems. Before founding PubChecker, Chris spent 3.5 years working for the industry's trade association, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), where he led the development of industry technical standards while concurrently serving as Technical Director for the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) and IAB's representative to the Media Rating Council (MRC) Digital Audit Committee. While at IAB, Chris helped found the Ads Integrity Alliance, serving on its Executive Committee and chairing the AIA's Information Sharing initiative. Prior to joining the IAB in 2010, Chris founded venture-funded ad tech companies ADSOVO Inc. in 2008 and ADSOVO's sister company, Contextual Media Group, Inc., in 2009. Chris launched the Americas operation for European-based ad network easyAd Group AG in 2007 and founded Elements Lifestyle Group, Inc. in 2002. Chris honed his technical, business and entrepreneurial skills working for tech start-ups in and around Silicon Valley in the 1990s. His experience in the technology field includes interactive advertising, privacy and industry self-regulation, compliance, data use, digital video advertising, digital audio advertising, mobile advertising, semantic and contextual technology, online publishing, telecommunications services and entertainment technology infrastructure. Chris has spoken at conferences, trade events, to government and trade organizations, and has been a guest lecturer at Universities on subjects including Internet advertising, consumer privacy, industry self-regulation, strategic marketing, start-up business, technology and art. He has brokered and managed complex business alliances, partnerships and contracts with companies including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, Motorola and Cisco. Chris has a unique talent for infusing creativity into business, combined with a passion for connecting with people. LinkedIn 

Chris has a forensic knowledge of Internet ad technology, and has been invaluable to me and my team in the UK as we develop standards and self-regulation programs around ad viewability and brand safety. He’s also a great pleasure to work with. So I hope he comes over to London again soon!”
— Guy Phillipson, CEO, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK
Chris is my go-to guy for any technical opinion and perspectives about the digital advertising ecosystem. Speaking with Chris is always an insightful experience as he’s been through so many evolutions of our industry, and had a hand in the makings of some of them. His technical expertise and great project management skills are incredibly valuable.”
— Julie Ford, Vice President of Operations, IAB Canada
Chris has an encyclopedic knowledge of the interactive ad operations and ad technology world; he can take both a grand, strategic overview or a minutely-detailed approach comfortably. I worked with Chris for three years and have never known anyone who showed more passion and commitment to his work. With Chris it’s never just a job!”
— Michael Theodore, Vice President, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)
I had the pleasure of drawing on Chris’ expertise about the nuts and bolts of ad tech. Whenever a complex technical issue came up, Chris was always ready to help. He was engaging and thoughtful, as well as a real pleasure to work with.”
— Genie Barton, Vice President, Online Interest-Based Advertising Accountability Program, Council of Better Business Bureaus